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We’re in love with Kokedama. A form of ancient Japanese bonsai, loosely translated to "moss ball", dates back to the Edo era in Japan (around 1600 AD.)  Kokedama are plants that are sculpted into hanging gardens by tightly packing their roots in a special soil/clay/moss mixture, hand-shaping them into balls, covering with sheet moss, and wrapping them with twine or string. We construct kokedamas using an assortment of plants for different light and humidity needs. 

We started making kokedama as a way to incorporate living decor into our event design and tables capes. They are perfect for small spaces, have long lives if cared for properly and never have to be repotted. We love them in all corners of the home and garden; sitting in a decorative dish or tray on a table, hanging in a living room corner, cascading off a shelf, or hanging outside in our MN summers in a shade garden.

Each kokedama is made to order and will be sent with specific care instructions. Contact us for more information on ordering your custom kokedama or check out our shop.  

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