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If you love making fresh flower arrangements, planting a cutting garden is the best way to ensure you always have lots of beautiful, homegrown flowers, ready for picking.

When you’re designing a regular flower garden, you need to think about plants that look good together and will bloom in pleasing color combinations. But the purpose of a cutting garden is different. It’s all about production, and the measure of your success is abundance!

For a backyard cutting garden, there are three things you want to think about: maximizing production, minimizing maintenance, and growing flowers and foliage that will look great together in a vase.

Gardening Together
Flower Field

Some gardens have more challenges than others. Some are full shade others are full sun. Some are rowdy and bursting with color or are calming and peaceful. Some are high-maintenance while others need less time and attention. Regardless of what garden you dream of, it pays to have a plan and get some help. Whether you are a gardener, or a garden-lover, we can help.

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